About Relativity Travel

Relativity Travel was born from a desire to lead textile and pattern enthusiasts around the globe to destinations that stimulate our senses and bring us closer to the history of makers worldwide. Through these trips we create life-long memories and can make friends from strangers.

Meet the Founder

Erin Minckley

She is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Chicago. Erin’s passion for foreign cultures and languages began in 1998 on her first international trip to Mexico with her high school class. Erin spent one month living in Baja California and practicing her Spanish. From there, she visited Vietnam, Morocco, Australia, Spain, Costa Rica, Dubai, and many other short trips. She founded Jossoor for Cultural Exchange in 2008, which has been re-branded as Relativity Travel. This company brought groups of high school students on exchange trips to Morocco for one month every summer for five years. Now, the focus of her tours to Morocco (and beyond!) is the sourcing of textiles with an educational twist. Hands-on activities like community service and craft processes are her forte. She is the founder the luxury wallpaper brand Relativity Textiles, which allows her to translate her love of cultures into patterns for interiors. Manufacturing screen printed wallpapers and fabrics in Chicago, IL is her full-time work as well as being the lucky mother of two beautiful boys, Anwar and Yassine. She speaks Arabic fluently and intermediate Spanish.

Why Travel?


  • We focus on hands-on activities that get us closer to the culture we’re visiting, including workshops, service and excursions into lesser known territories of the country.
  • We have been running tours since 2008 and continue to appreciate small group sizes and those with an interest in cultural immersion.
  • Past service projects included building a house, irrigating fields, setting up looms for women weavers, painting a mural and playing sports with young girls.


  • To leave with a greater understanding of the people, the history and the language of a place is our aim while still embracing the spirit of a curated textile buying trip.
  • To create intimate networking experiences for like-minded design professionals where we can talk shop and create a greater network of vendors, designers, writers and other creatives from around the globe.
  • To come away with a bigger understanding of the culture we live in, the luxuries we take for granted and the simplicity of a good deed. A kind gesture. Without language to communicate, service is the only way to connect two people.